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21 Feb 2010 | Click here
Official Alliance Announcement:
Five agencies endorsed a general proposal for collaboration and adopted a mission statement expressing their desire to work cooperatively to strengthen accreditation practices, improve communications among...

01 Mar 2011 | Click here
Public Announcement:
The Alliance will provide a forum for developing more efficient, effective and better coordinated services from all of the participating agencies and facilitate for all institutions eligible for accreditation the opportunity to seek co-accreditations from the various agencies...

20 Nov 2014 | Click here
Authentic accreditation is a powerful and proven instrument for quality assurance and school improvement. The Alliance for School Accreditation, representing over forty...

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Pic Accreditation is an activity, not a status.  Schools are accredited because of the way they move, not the way they stand. Pic
by: John A. Stoops

Welcome to The Alliance
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The Alliance is a coalition of regional, national, and international accrediting bodies and educational experts from around the world. The purpose of The Alliance is to bring forward the best in accreditation while giving these bodies and educators a unifying voice; helping to advance the standard and quality in education worldwide.

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Mission Statement
The Alliance members shall:


Promote, support and improve the tradition of regional accreditation; Commit to commonly held principles and practices including a thorough self-study and standards based peer review; Inform one another of developments in the regions; Share effective practices; and Collaborate in setting mutual expectations for policies that will preserve and improve regional accreditation.

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The Worldwide Directory of Accredited Institutions is a tool made available to the public to provide a more effective method in accessing quality schools and educational institutions around the world. This directory makes available information such as: accreditation status, grade types and contact information that otherwise may not be easily accessible to the general public.

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The Members of the International Alliance of Regional Accreditors:

Coalition of Christian School Accreditors